We do not endorse mail order/internet sales of scuba equipment.  Only non-diving items are sold here. When you buy from a retail shop you will feel good about supporting your local economy and the diving industry.   NEW DRYSUIT Available! The Comfort Zone”  from  American Partners Marketing Services and made by Oceaner. For assistance, in locating a dealer and competitive pricing Contact Us

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The Comfort Zone Drysuit (CZD) by Oceaner is a durable 3mm Yamamoto high grade neoprene made with double layers of titanium that provides inherent warmth, however, undergarments may be needed in water temperatures of 60 degrees or below.Neoprene is the preferred material for drysuit diving as it allows the diver to be streamlined which creates less drag; increasing the bottom time.

The CZD feels like a loose fitting wetsuit and enables the diver to have unmatched dexterity and unrestricted flexibility. The inner seams are heat pressure taped and guaranteed not to leak. Additionally, the TiZip™ requires little maintenance and allows the diver ease of donning and doffing.

The seals are a unique 3mm neoprene StretchTex™ that are not only comfy but tough which means they will not tear or run as latex seals often do.

The CZD utilizes DSV adjustable valves placing the exhaust valve on the bicep to make dumping air fast and increasing the ability to achieve neutral buoyancy. If one’s personal preference prefers exhaust valve be placed elsewhere, we happily offer that option.

While extra large Kevlar knee pads are standard, the tapered leg design reduces air flow to the feet makingeach dive safer.

The CZD comes standard with anintegrated instrument sleeve on the forearm enabling thediver to securely place a compass, dive computer, slate,or watch for information at a quick glance.

Custom sizes are available and you can also have your name screened on the suit for extra personalization.




We have created an integrated mask and regulator system and a complete system of underwater communications. By integrating these systems we solve several problems: we are more thermally efficient; we can communicate; we have a broader field of vision; and we are much more comfortable. Now, divers have the ability to use more sophisticated systems than ever before. The Neptune System is the future of scuba diving.

OCEAN REEF has designed a communication system which is easy to use, lighweight, and within a recreational diver's budget. Our system has many applications for both the professional and recreational diver, such as scuba instruction, marine research, underwater surveying, and guided dive tours, just to name a few. The Ocean REEF underwater communication system adds a whole new dimension to dive safety and enjoyment by connecting divers with each other and with partners on the surface.neptunespace2

Tecnopro Sge 150 Gas Mask

New state of the art non -allergenic silicone rubber face piece and polycarbonate full face lens, includes draeger nbc filter and carrying bag with instructions.
Masks w/filter are $195 + $12.95 shipping

add'l filters are $35.00 + $12.95 shipping